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 Chapter XXVI - BRAHMANA VAGGA - The Brahmana

 01 Not all bhikkhus are Arahants.  
 02 Tranquillity and Insight.  
 03 Where is the 'Other Shore'?  
 04 Who is a real brahmana?  
 05 Glory of the Buddha.  
 06 Not every recluse is a bhikkhu.  
 07 No one should strike an Arahant.  
 08 Maha Pajapati Gotami asks for ordination.  
 09 Honour those worthy of honour.  
 10 A brahmana is one who has realised the Dhamma.  
 11 It is not easy to mislead the wise.  
 12 The Buddha praises Kisa Gotami.  
 13 One cannot become a brahmana by birth.  
 14 Uggasena One who has cut off fetters has no fear.  
 15 Cut the strap of craving.  
 16 The Buddha subdues the abusive brothers.  
 17 Venerable Sariputta is reviled by his mother.  
 18 An Arahant does not cling to sensual pleasure.  
 19 The bond-servant who became an Arahant.  
 20 The Buddha praises Khema.  
 21 Bhikkhu Tissa is accused of practising exorcism.  
 22 A monk who was mistakenly beaten.  
 23 The lady and four novices.  
 24 Maha Panthaka Arahants have no mental defilements.  
 25 Pilinda Vaccha Force of habit.  
 26 A monk who was accused of theft.  
 27 Bhikkhus misunderstand Sariputta.  
 28 Bhikkhus misunderstand Moggallana.  
 29 Revata Go beyond good and evil.  
 30 Candabha The youth with a shining body.  
 31 Sivali An unusually long pregnancy.  
 32 Sundara Samuddha A courtesan tempts a monk.  
 33 How bhikkhu Jatila attained Arahanthood.  
 34 The celestial mansion of Jotika.  
 35 Nata Puttaka The monk who was a dancer.  
 36 The monk who was a dancer.  
 37 Vangisa the skull-tapper.  
 38 Dhammadinna The wife who became a bhikkhuni.  
 39 Anguli Mala and the elephant.  
 40 The offering of Devahita.

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