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 Chapter I - YAMAKA VAGGA - The Twin Verses

Yamaka - means a pair. This chapter is so named because it consists of ten pairs of parallel verses.

 01 Cakkhupala - An Arahant who had lost his eyesight  
 02 Mattha Kundali - Why cry for the moon?  
 03 Tissa - The old man who retaliated  
 04 Kala Yakkhini - The bitter feud through various existences  
 05 The quarrelsome bhikkhus of Kosambi  
 06 The fate of Mahakala and Culakala who became monks  
 07 Devadatta - Who is worthy to receive the yellow robe?  
 08 Upatissa and Kolita - It is difficult to realise the truth  
 09 Nanda - Meditating for the sake of a girl  
 10 Cunda - A butcher who suffered here and hereafter  
 11 Dhammika - Happiness here and happiness hereafter  
 12 The miserable fate of Devadatta  
 13 Sumana Devi - The achievement of a young girl  
 14 Knowledge is not realisation

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