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Buddha Brothers

 Chapter XXIV - TANHA VAGGA - Craving

 01 Kapila The golden fish with stinking breath.  
 02 Effect of good and bad deeds.  
 03 A man who faced death bravely.  
 04 The bonds of craving.  
 05 Khema Beauty is but skin deep.  
 06 Uggasena An acrobat who became a Saint.  
 07 How a young woman influenced a bhikkhu.  
 08 How Mara tried to frighten young Rahula.  
 09 Upaka It is not easy to appreciate the Dhamma.  
 10 Sakka's request.  
 11 Riches destroy the fool.  
 12 Ankura Seeds sown on fertile ground yield abundantly.

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