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 Chapter XXIV - TANHA VAGGA - Craving



Sabbabhibhu sabba vidu' ham asmi sabbesu dhammesu anupalitto
Sabbanjaho tanhakkhaye vimutto sayam abhinnaya kam uddiseyyam.

I have overcome all, I know all, I am detached from all, I have given up all; I am liberated from moral defilements, having eradicated craving. 1 Having comprehended the Four Noble Truths by myself, whom shall I call my teacher? [353]

XXIV: 09 It is not easy to appreciate the Dhamma (Upaka)

When the Buddha was on his way to the Deer Park to expound the first sermon, a wandering ascetic called Upaka met Gotama Buddha. He was very much impressed by the radiant figure of the Buddha and so he said 'Friend,* you look so serene and pure! Who is your teacher? Whose doctrine do you profess?' The Buddha replied, 'I have no preceptor or teacher.' When he asked what the essence of the Buddha's doctrine was, the Buddha gave him a summary of the Dhamma.

At the end of the discourse, Upaka expressed neither acceptance nor rejection but just nodded his head a few times and went on his way. **


  1. Niruttipadakovido - versed in the four kinds of analytical knowledge (patisambhida) namely, meaning (attha), text (dhamma), etymology (nirutti), and understanding (patibhana).

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