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 Chapter XXIV - TANHA VAGGA - Craving




Vitakka pamathitassa jantuno tibba ragassa subhanupassino
Bhiyyo tanha pavaddhati esa kho dalham karoti bandhanam.


Vitakkupasame ca yo rato asubham bhavayati sada sato
Esa kho vyantikahiti eso checchati mara bandhanam.

For the person who is perturbed by (evil) thoughts, who is exceedingly lustful, who contemplates pleasant things, craving increases more and more. Surely, he makes the bond (of Mara) stronger. [349]

He who delights in subduing (evil) thoughts, who meditates on 'the loathsomeness'1 (of the body), who is ever mindful, - it is he who will make an end (of craving). He will sever Mara's bond. [350]

XXIV: 07 How a young woman influenced a bhikkhu

Once a bhikkhu took his almsfood in one of the shelters specially built for bhikkhus in town. After his meal he went to a house and asked for some drinking water from a young woman. As soon as she saw the young bhikkhu, she fell in love with him. Wishing to win his heart, she invited the young bhikkhu to come to her house whenever he felt thirsty. After some time, she invited him to her house for almsfood. She told him that she had everything she could wish for, but she felt lonely all by herself in the house. Hearing those words, the young bhikkhu took the hint and he soon found himself to be more attached to the young woman. He became very much dissatisfied with his life as a bhikkhu and was getting thin. Other bhikkhus reported him to the Buddha.

The Buddha admonished the young bhikkhu, 'My son, listen attentively. This young woman will be your undoing just as she has been in a previous existence. In one of your previous existences, you were a very skilful archer and she was your wife. On one occasion, while both of you were travelling, you met a gang of highwaymen. She fell in love with the gang leader. So, while you were fighting with the gang leader, she gave your sword to the gang leader who promptly killed you. Thus she became the cause of your death. Now too, she will cause the ruin of your holy life. My son, uproot and destroy the desire which has sprung up within you for this woman.' The young bhikkhu then strove diligently and ardently to purify his mind to realise the Dhamma.


  1. This is the meditation on the impurities of the body by practising which one can get rid of attachment to the body.


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