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Buddha Brothers

 Chapter VIII - SAHASSA VAGGA - Thousands

 01 Tambadathika An executioner and his fate.  
 02 Bahiya The fastest way to attain Arahanthood.  
 03 Kundala Kesi The rich girl who married a thief.  
 04 Gain and loss in gambling.  
 05 The way to the Brahma world.  
 06 Fire worshipping is not the way.  
 07 The brahmin who sacrificed animals.  
 08 Ayu Waddhana How the Buddha protected a child.  
 09 Samkicca The miracle of a young novice monk.  
 10 Venerable Kodanna and the robbers.  
 11 Sappadasa Attaining Sainthood while attempting suicide.  
 12 Patacara is bereft of all her family.  
 13 Kisa Gotami The cure for death.  
 14 Bahu Puttika The children who neglected their mother.

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