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Buddha Brothers

 Chapter XVIII - MALA VAGGA - Impurities or Taints

 01 The fate of a butcher and his son.  
 02 A brahmin attends to the needs of holy men.  
 03 Tissa A monk who was born as an insect.  
 04 Laludayi The monk who made false claims.  
 05 A man whose wife committed adultery.  
 06 Cula Sari The monk who practised medicine.  
 07 It is not easy to observe precepts.  
 08 Tissa The envious are not at peace.  
 09 The inattentive lay-disciples.  
 10 Mendaka The rich man.  
 11 Ujjhana Sanni The fault-finding monk.  
 12 Subhadda The wandering ascetic.

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