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 Chapter XVIII - MALA VAGGA - Impurities or Taints




Mal' itthiya duccaritam maccheram dadato malam
Mala ve papaka dhamma asmim loke paramhi ca.


Tato mala malataram avijja paramam malam
Etam malam pahatvana nimmala hotha bhikkhavo.

Misconduct is the taint of a woman. Stinginess is the taint of a donor. Taints, indeed, are all evil things both in this world and in the next. [242]

A worse taint than these is ignorance, the greatest taint. Abandoning this taint, be taintless, O Bhikkhus! [243]

XVIII: 05 A man whose wife committed adultery

A man's wife committed adultery. On account of his wife's misbehaviour, he felt ashamed and avoided all his friends. He also kept away from the Buddha. However, after some time, he went to pay his respects to the Enlightened One. On learning the reason for his absence, the Buddha said, 'My disciple, those women who have no moral shame are just like a river, or a road, or liquor shop, a rest house, or a water-pot stand at the roadside. They associate with all sorts of people. Indeed, a loose woman who indulges in sexual misconduct is bound to face ruin.'

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