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Buddha Brothers

 Chapter IX - PAPA VAGGA - Evil

 01 The great offering of a poor brahmin.  
 02 Seyyasaka Refrain from sexual abuse.  
 03 A female deva attends to Maha Kassapa.  
 04 Anatha Pindika and the guardian spirit.  
 05 The careless bhikkhu.  
 06 Bilala Padaka The rich man who gave little.  
 07 Maha Dhana A journey beset with danger.  
 08 Kukkuta Mitta the hunter and his family comprehend the Dhamma.  
 09 Koka A hunter who was attacked by his own dogs.  
 10 The gem polisher who beat an innocent monk.  
 11 Nobody can escape from the effects of evil kamma.  
 12 King Suppabuddha blocks the Buddha's path.

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