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 Chapter IX - PAPA VAGGA - Evil



Vanijo' va bhayam maggam appasattho mahaddhano
Visam jivitukamo' va papani parivajjaye.

Just as a merchant, with a small escort and great wealth, avoids a perilous route; just as one desiring to live avoids poison, even so should one avoid evil. [123]

IX: 07 A journey beset with danger (Maha Dhana)

Maha Dhana was a rich merchant from Savatthi. On one occasion, robbers were planning to rob him, but they did not get the chance to do so. In the meantime, they heard that the merchant would soon be travelling with carts loaded with valuable merchandise. Maha Dhana also invited the bhikkhus who would like to go on the same journey to accompany him, and he promised to look to their needs on the way. So, a group of bhikkhus accompanied him. The robbers got news of the trip and went ahead to hide and wait for the caravan of the merchant. But the merchant stopped at the outskirts of the forest where the robbers were waiting. The caravan was to move on after camping there for a few days. The robbers got news of the impending departure and made ready to loot the caravan. The merchant, in his turn, also got news of the movement of the bandits and he decided to return home.

The bandits now heard that the merchant would go home, so they waited on the homeward way. Some villagers sent word to the merchant about the movements of the bandits, and the merchant finally decided to remain in the village for some time. When he told the bhikkhus about his decision, the bhikkhus returned to Savatthi by themselves and informed the Enlightened One about the cancellation of their trip. To them, the Buddha said, 'Bhikkhus, Maha Dhana keeps away from the journey beset with bandits. One who does not want to die should keep away from poison, so also, should a wise bhikkhu, realising that existence is like a journey beset with danger, strive to keep away from doing evil.'

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