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Buddha Brothers

 Chapter V - BALA VAGGA - Fools

 01 Pasenadi The king who craved for another man's wife.  
 02 A disobedient novice monk  
 03 Ananda The fate of a stingy rich man.  
 04 How to differentiate the fools.  
 05 Udayi Fools cannot realise the Dhamma.  
 06 The wise can realise the Dhamma  
 07 Suppabuddha The leper's confidence in the Triple Gem.  
 08 How the Buddha saved an innocent farmer.  
 09 Sumana The strong devotion of a florist.  
 10 Uppala Vanna The young man who molested a nun.  
 11 Jambuka The ascetic who deceived others.  
 12 A ghost with a human head and snake's body  
 13 Be careful in actions.  
 14 Citta and Sudhamma A lay disciple and a stubborn monk.  
 15 Tissa A novice monk who won all hearts.

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