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Buddha Brothers

 Chapter XIII - LOKA VAGGA - The World

 01 A bhikkhu who quarrelled with a young girl.  
 02 The Buddha visits Kapilavatthu.  
 03 Mediation on a mirage.  
 04 Abhaya How the Buddha consoled a sad prince.  
 05 Sammunjjani The monk with a broom.  
 06 Angulimala A murderer who attained Sainthood.  
 07 The weaver-girl who realised the nature of Life.  
 08 Thirty bhikkhus who suddenly disappeared.  
 09 Cinca Manavika falsely accuses the Buddha.  
 10 The almsgiving competition.  
 11 The story of Kala, son of Anatha Pindika.

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