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Buddha Brothers

 Chapter VI - PANDITA VAGGA - The Wise

 01 Radha A poor man wins spiritual release.  
 02 Monks not observing the rules of Holy Order  
 03 The stubbornness of Venerable Channa  
 04 Maha Kappina A king and his ministers attain Sainthood.  
 05 Pandita A young samanera's achievement.  
 06 Lakuntaka Bhaddiya Unshaken as a rock.  
 07 Kana The lady who abused the bhikkhus.  
 08 The wise are unaffected by gain or loss.  
 09 Dhammika One must work for his own liberation.  
 10 Very few in this world can attain the final goal.  
 11 From darkness to brightness.

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