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 Chapter VI - PANDITA VAGGA - The Wise

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Selo yatha ekaghano vatena na samirati
Evam ninda pasamsasu na saminjanti pandita.

As a solid rock is unshaken by the wind, even so the wise are unshaken by praise or blame.

VI: 06 Unshaken as a rock (Lakuntaka Bhaddiya)

Bhaddiya was one of the bhikkhus staying at the Jetavana monastery. Because of his short figure he was known as Lakuntaka (the dwarf). Lakuntaka Bhaddiya was very good natured; even young bhikkhus would often tease him by pulling his nose or his ear or by patting him on his head. Very often they would jokingly say, 'Uncle, how are you? Are you happy, or are you bored with your life here as a bhikkhu?' Bhaddiya never retaliated in anger, or abused them. In fact he was very serene and pleasing to the eyes.

When told about the patience of Bhaddiya, the Buddha said, 'An Arahant never loses his temper, he has no desire to speak harshly or to think ill of others. He is like a mountain of solid rock. As a solid rock is not shakeable by wind so also, an Arahant is unperturbed by scorn or by praise.' Only then did the other monks come to know that Bhaddiya had attained Sainthood.

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