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Buddha Brothers

 Chapter X - DANDA VAGGA - The Rod of Punishment

 01 The bhikkhus who quarrelled over a temple.  
 02 The second quarrel.  
 03 The youths who beat a snake.  
 04 Kundadhana The monk and the phantom woman.  
 05 The ladies who observed precepts for different purposes.  
 06 Paying for his evil deeds.  
 07 Untimely death of Venerable Moggallana.  
 08 Bahu Bhandika The monk with many possessions.  
 09 Santati Attaining Nibbana in the dress of a layman.  
 10 Pilotika The monk and the ragged clothes.  
 11 Sukha the novice monk.

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