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 Chapter X - DANDA VAGGA - The Rod of Punishment



Sabbe tasanti dandassa sabbesam jivitam piyam
Attanarn upamam katva na haneyya na ghataye.

All tremble at the rod (punishment). Life is dear to all. Comparing others with oneself, one should neither strike nor cause to strike. [130]

X: 02 The second quarrel

After having exchanged blows over the incident at the Jetavana monastery, the same two groups of bhikkhus quarrelled again over the same building. As the rule relating to physically hurting others had already been laid down by the Buddha, this particular rule was strictly observed by both groups.

However, this time one of the two groups made threatening gestures to the other group, to the extent that the latter cried out in fright. The Buddha, after hearing about this threatening attitude of the bhikkhus, introduced the disciplinary rule preventing the making of threatening gestures to each other.

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