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Buddha Brothers

 Chapter VII - ARAHANTA VAGGA * - The Worthy

 01 Jivaka The Buddha and his physician.  
 02 Maha Kassapa An Arahant has no attachment.  
 03 Bellatthi Sisa The monk who stored rice.  
 04 Anuruddha The monk and the goddess.  
 05 Sakka pays respects to Venerable Maha Kaccayana  
 06 The monk who accused Venerable Sariputta.  
 07 The loss of an eye.  
 08 Faith alone cannot make one realise Nibbana.  
 09 Revata The youngest brother of Sariputta.  
 10 A courtesan tempts a monk.


* By Arahanta has several meanings. It may be interpreted as 'Worthy One', 'Passionless One'. Or one who commits no evil even secretly. He has got rid of both death and birth. After death, in conventional terms, he attains parinibbana. Until his death he serves other seekers of truth by example and by precept.

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