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 Chapter VII - ARAHANTA VAGGA - The Worthy



Yass' indriyani samatham gatani assa yatha sarathina sudanta
Pahina manassa anasavassa deva' pi tassa pihayanti tadino.

He whose senses are subdued, like steeds well-trained by a charioteer, he whose pride is destroyed and is free from the corruptions, - such a steadfast one even the gods hold dear.[94]

VII: 05 Sakka pays respects to Venerable Maha Kaccayana

On a full moon day, which was also the end of the vassa, Sakka with a large company of devas came to pay homage to the Buddha, who was then in residence at Pubbarama, the monastery built by Visakha. Venerable Maha Kaccayana, who had spent vassa in Avanti, a great distance away, had not yet arrived at Pubbarama, and a seat was kept vacant for him. Sakka paid homage to the Buddha with flowers and incense. On seeing the vacant seat he declared how he wished Kaccayana would come so that he could pay respects to him also. At that instant Kaccayana arrived; Sakka was very pleased and eagerly paid respects to him with flowers.

The bhikkhus were awed by Sakka paying respects to Kaccayana, but some bhikkhus accused Sakka of favouritism. To them, the Buddha said, 'One who is restrained in his senses is loved by both men and devas.'

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