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 Chapter XX - MAGGA VAGGA - The Way or The Path



Na santi putta tanaya na pita na' pi bandhava
Antakenadhipannassa natthi natisu tanata.
Etam atthavasam natva pandito sila sam vuto
Nibbana gamanam maggam khippam' eva visodhaye.

There are no sons for one's protection, neither father nor even kinsmen; for one who is overcome by death no protection is to be found among kinsmen. Realizing this fact, let the virtuous and wise person swiftly clear the way that leads to Nibbana. [288]

XX: 12 Sons and daughters are no refuge (Patacara)*

As Patacara had lost her husband and her two sons, as well as her parents and only brother almost at the same time, she was driven to near insanity. When she approached the Buddha, he consoled her, 'Patacara, sons and daughters cannot look after you. Even if they are alive, they don't exist for you. The wise observes morality (sila) and clears the obstacles to the Path leading to Nibbana.' Patacara managed to overcome her sorrows through the comforting words of the Buddha.

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