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 Chapter XXIII - NAGA VAGGA - The Elephant




Atthamhi jatamhi sukha sahaya tutthi sukha ya itaritarena
Punnam sukham jivita sankhayamhi sabbassa dukkhassa sukham pahanam.


Sukha matteyyata loke atho petteyyata sukha
Sukha samannata loke atho brahmannata sukha.


Sukham yava jara silam sukha saddha patitthita
Sukho pannaya patilabho papanam akaranam sukham.

It is good to have friends when the need arises; it is good to be content with anything that is available; it is good to have merit when life is about to end; it is good to be rid of all dukkha. [331]

In this world it is good to be dutiful to one's mother; 1 also it is good to be dutiful to one's father. In this world also it is good to minister unto ascetics; also it is good to minister unto the Noble Ones. 2[332]

It is good to have virtue till old age; it is good to have unshakeable faith; it is good to gain wisdom; it is good to do no evil. [333]

XXIII: 08 Mara tries to tempt the Buddha

Once, while the Buddha was residing near the Himalayas, he found that many people were being ill-treated by some wicked kings. It then occurred to him whether it would be possible to prevent them from ill-treating those who should not be ill-treated and make the kings rule justly and wisely. Mara knew what the Buddha was thinking and tried to entice the Buddha to rule as a king. To him the Buddha replied, 'O wicked Mara! Your teaching and my teaching are quite different. Therefore, it is impossible for you to influence me.' We must beware of friends who pretend to work for us, but who are actually furthering their own ends.


  1. Matteyyata does not mean motherhood or 'to have a mother'. The Commentarial explanation is good conduct (samma-patipatti) towards the mother, that is, ministering to the mother. The other terms are similarly explained.
  2. The Buddha, the Arahants, and so on.


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