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 Chapter XVI - PIYA VAGGA - Affection



Chandajato anakkhate 1 manasa ca phuto siya
Kamesu ca appatibaddha citto uddhamsoto'ti vuccati.

He who has developed a wish for the Ineffable (Nibbana), he whose mind realises it (with the three Fruits), 2 he whose mind is not bound by material pleasures, such a person is called an 'Upstream-bound One'. 3 [218]

XVI: 08 The elderly monk who was reborn in the pure abode

On one occasion the pupil of an elderly monk asked him whether he had attained Arahanthood; but he did not say anything although he had actually attained the third stage of Sainthood. He kept silent because he had resolved not to talk about his attainment until he had attained Arahanthood. But he passed away without attaining Arahanthood, and also without saying anything about his attainment.

His pupils thought that their teacher had passed away without attaining Sainthood and they felt sorry for him. They asked the Buddha where their teacher was reborn. He replied, 'Bhikkhus! Your teacher, who was an Anagami before he passed away, is now reborn in the abodes of the Brahmas (Suddhavasa Brahmaloka).*He did not reveal his attainment because he felt ashamed that he had achieved only that much. He was ardently striving to attain Arahanthood. Your teacher is now freed from attachment to the sensual world (kamaloka).'


  1. Anakkhata — Nibbana. It is so called because it should not be said that Nibbana was created by any or that it is of some such hue as blue etc. (Commentary).
  2. The first three stages of Sainthood. Sotapatti, Sakadagami, and Anagamis.
  3. The reference is to the Anagamis (Never-Returners) who, after death, are born in the Pure Abodes. They are not born in the sense sphere as they have eradicated sense-desires.
  4. * The Suddhavasas or Pure Abodes are a group of five heavens. They are the exclusive Planes of Anagamis or Never-Returners (those who have attained the third stage of Sainthood). Ordinary beings are not born in these states. Those who have attained Anagami in other planes are reborn in these Pure Abodes. Later, they attain Arahanthood and reside in those planes until that life-term ends. The names of the inhabitants of these Pure Abodes are: Aviha, Atappa, Sudassa, Sudassi and Akanittha.


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