Chapter XVI - PIYA VAGGA - Affection



Sila dassana sampannam dhammattham sacca vedinam
Attano kamma kubbanam tam jano kurute piyam.

He who is perfect invirtue,andinsight,is established in theDhamma,has realised theTruths,and fulfils his ownduties,is loved by all men. [217]

XVI:07 Kassapa receives baskets of cakes

On one festival day, the Buddha entered the city of Rajagaha for almsfood, accompanied by a group of bhikkhus. On their way, they met some boys going to a garden. The boys were carrying some baskets of cakes. They paid homage to the Buddha but did not offer their cakes. The Buddha said to his bhikkhus, 'Although these boys did not offer any of the cakes, yet a bhikkhu who will receive the cakes is coming close behind us. We will proceed only after these boys have made their offering.' After saying this, the Buddha and his bhikkhus rested under the shade of a tree. Just at that moment Venerable Kassapa came along. The boys took a liking to him immediately, paid homage and offered the cakes to him.

Kassapa then advised the boys, 'My teacher the Exalted One is resting beneath a tree over there, accompanied by some bhikkhus. Go and make an offering of your cakes to him.' The boys did as they were told. The Buddha accepted their offering. Later, some bhikkhus remarked that the boys were showing favouritism to Kassapa. The Buddha then explained, 'Bhikkhus, all bhikkhus who are like my son Kassapa, are liked by both devas and men. Such bhikkhus always receive thefour requisites of bhikkhus.'


  1. Four kinds of morality.
  2. Connected with the supramundane Paths and Fruits.
  3. Nine supramundane states. The nine Supramundane states - namely, the four Paths, the four Fruits, and Nibbana.
  4. Saccavedinam, 'speaketh truth' (Mrs. Rhys Davids). The four Noble Truths are implied here.
  5. The three modes of discipline, Morality (Sila), Concentration (Samadhi), and Wisdom (Panna).

*The four requisites of bhikkhus are: (i) robes (ii) food (iii) shelter (iv) medicine.