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 Chapter XVI - PIYA VAGGA - Affection



Pemato jayati soko pemato jayati bhayam
Pemato vippamuttassa natthi soko kuto bhayam.

From affection springs grief, from affection springs fear; for him who is wholly free from affection there is no grief, much less fear. [213]

XVI: 03 The Buddha comforts Visakha

One day, a granddaughter, of Visakha named Sudatta died and she felt very deeply grieved by her loss. So she went to the Buddha and expressed her grief. Then the Buddha said, 'Visakha, don't you realise that many people die in Savatthi every day? If you were to regard all of them as your grandchildren, you would have to be endlessly weeping and mourning. Let not the death of one child affect you too much. Sorrow and fear arise out of affection.'

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