Chapter XV - SUKHA VAGGA - Happiness



Arogya parama labha santutthi paramam dhanam
Vissasa parama nati nibbanam paramam sukham.

Health is the highest gain. Contentment is the greatest wealth. Thetrustedare the best kinsmen. Nibbana is the highest bliss. [204]

XV:06 Be moderate in eating

One day, King Pasenadi of Kosala went to the Jetavana monastery after taking his morning meal. The king had eaten a lot of rice with meat curry on that day, so while listening to the Buddha's discourse he felt very sleepy and was nodding most of the time. Seeing him nodding, the Buddha advised him, 'O king, one ought to observe moderation in eating, for in moderate eating there is comfort.' The king did as he was told and found that by eating less he became slimmer and felt better and enjoyed better health. When he reported the matter to the Buddha, he was told, 'O king! Health is a great boon.'


  1. Whether related or not.