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 Chapter XIV - BUDDHA VAGGA - The Buddha



Ye jhana pasuta dhira nekkhammupasame rata
Deva' pi tesam pihayanti sambuddhanam satimatam.

The wise ones who are intent on meditation,1 who delight in the peace of renunciation2 (i.e. Nibbana), such mindful perfect Buddhas even the gods hold (most) dear. [181]

XIV: 02 The Buddha's return from the Tavatimsa Deva Loka

On the occasion, while at Savatthi, the Buddha performed the Twin Miracle in response to the challenge of the ascetics of other religions. After this, the Buddha went to the Tavatimsa deva world to preach the Abhidhamma for three months. His mother who had been reborn in the Tusita deva world went to the Tavatimsa deva world for the purpose of hearing the Abhidhamma.

As a result of listening to the Enlightened One, his mother deva attained the first stage of Sainthood, and so did numerous other devas and brahmas.

During that period Venerable Sariputta spent the vassa at Savatthi. During his stay there, the Buddha instructed him to expound the Abhidhamma to those bhikkhus staying with him. Sariputta covered the whole Abhidhamma course by the end of the vassa.

Towards the end of the vassa, Moggallana went to the Tavatimsa deva world to see the Buddha, who informed him that he would return to the human world on the full moon day at the end of the vassa to the city of Samkassa where Venerable Sariputta was spending the vassa.

On the night of the full moon day of the month of Assayuja (falls on October-November) the Buddha with the six coloured rays shining forth from his body returned to the city of Samkassa. A large retinue of devas and brahmas accompanied the Buddha while a large congregation headed by Sariputta received him. The congregation was awed by the grandeur and glory of the whole scene of the Buddha's return. Sariputta paid his homage and exclaimed, 'Venerable Sir!' We have never seen or even imagined such magnificent and resplendent glory. Indeed, Venerable Sir, you are loved, and respected alike by devas, brahmas and men!' The Buddha replied, 'My son Sariputta, the Buddhas who are endowed with unique qualities are truly loved by men and devas alike.'


  1. Here Jhana means both concentration (samatha) and insight (vipassana).
  2. Nekkhamma implies Nibbana, which is gained by the subjugation of passions.


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