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Buddha Brothers

 Chapter XII - ATTA VAGGA - The Self*

 01 Bodhiraja Kumara The prince who had no offspring.  
 02 Upananda The greedy monk.  
 03 Padhanika Tissa The monk who preached without practising.  
 04 Kumara Kassapa The son of a bhikkhuni  
 05 Mahakala The untimely death of a devotee.  
 06 The story of Devadatta, the opponent of the Buddha.  
 07 The story of schism in the Order.  
 08 Kala The jealous monk.  
 09 Culakala A devotee protected by courtesans.  
 10 Attadatta The story of a diligent monk.


* According to Buddhism there is no permanent soul or unchanging entity (atta) either created by a God or emanating from a Paramatma. Here the term atta (self) is applied to the whole body, or one's personality, or mind, or life flux.

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