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 Chapter XXV - BHIKKHU VAGGA - The Bhikkhu or The Mendicant



Vassika viya pupphani maddavani pamuncati
Evam ragan ca dosan ca vippamuncetha bhikkhavo.

As the jasmine creeper sheds its withered flowers, even so, O bhikkhus, should you totally cast off lust and hatred [377]

XXV: 08 Meditation on jasmine flowers

A group of bhikkhus from Savatthi after taking a subject of meditation from the Buddha set out for the forest to practise meditation. There, they noticed that the jasmine flowers which bloomed in the early morning would shed their petals in the evening. Then the bhikkhus resolved that they would strive hard to free themselves from all moral defilements just like flowers have to shed their petals. Although the Buddha was not with them, he was aware of their resolution and he sent forth his radiance and exhorted them, 'Bhikkhus! As the withered flower is shed from the plant, so also should a bhikkhu strive to free himself from worldly suffering.' Reflecting mindfully on the advice given, all those bhikkhus attained Arahanthood.

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