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 Chapter XXIII - NAGA VAGGA - The Elephant



Middhi yada hoti mahagghaso ca niddayita samparivattasayi
Maha varaho' va nivapa puttho punaptunam gabbham upeti mando.

The foolish one, who is lazy, gluttonous, and sleepy, who just wallows like a well-fed pig, is subject to repeated rebirths. [325]

XXIII: 04 On moderation in eating

One day, King Pasenadi of Kosala went to the Jetavana monastery to pay homage to the Buddha soon after having had a heavy meal. While he was in his presence, the king felt so drowsy that he kept nodding and could hardly keep himself awake. Then he said, 'Venerable Sir! I have been in great discomfort since I had a heavy meal!' The Buddha replied, 'Yes, O King, overeating creates discomfort.'

On the advice of the Enlightened One, the king gradually lessened the amount of food he took. As a result, he became much more active and alert and happy.

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