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 Chapter XVII - KODHA VAGGA - Anger



Saccam bhane na kujjheyya dajja' ppasmim pi yacito
Etehi tihi thanehi gacche devana santike.

One should utter the truth. One should not be angry. One should give even from a scanty store to him who asks. Along these three paths one may go to the presence of the gods. [224]

XVII: 04 The way to heaven

Once Venerable Moggallana visited the deva world and found many devas living in luxurious mansions. He asked them what good deeds they had done to be reborn in the deva world. They gave him different answers. One of them said he was reborn in the deva world not because he was charitable or because he had listened to the Dhamma, but just because he had always spoken the truth. Another female deva said she was reborn in the deva world because she did not get angry with her master and had no ill-will towards him even though he often beat her and abused her. For keeping her temper and abandoning hatred, she was reborn in the deva world. Then, there were others who were reborn in the deva world because they had offered something within their means for the benefit of others.

On his return from the deva world, Moggallana asked the Buddha whether it was possible to gain such great benefits by just speaking the truth, or by restraining one's anger or by giving small amounts of such trifling things. The Buddha then answered, 'Have you not seen for yourself and heard what the devas said? You should not have any doubt. Even little deeds of merit surely leads one to the world of the devas.'

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