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 Chapter IV - PUPPHA VAGGA - Flowers

Concentrate on your body


Na paresam vilomani na paresam katakatam
Attano'va avekkheyya katani akatani ca.

One should not pry into the faults of others, into things done and left undone by others. One should rather consider what by oneself is done and left undone.

IV: 06 Pay no attention to curses

A rich lady from Savatthi was a supporter and disciple of a naked ascetic by the name of Pathika. Because of her strong devotion to the naked ascetic she treated Pathika as she would her own son.

She had many friends and neighbours. All her neighbours were lay disciples of the Buddha. They frequently visited the Jetavana monastery to pay their respects and to listen to the religious discourses given by the Enlightened One. When she heard her neighbours praising the virtues of the Buddha, she wanted to go to the monastery to pay her homage and also to listen to his religious discourses. However, Pathika prevented her from going to the monastery on several occasions.

So instead of going to the monastery, she invited the Buddha through her own son to her house for almsgiving. Choice food was prepared for the almsgiving. After the meal, the Buddha expressed his appreciation (anumodana). Hearing the golden voice of the Buddha delivering the wonderful and glorious Dhamma for the first time in her life, her whole body was suffused with joy and happiness and she exclaimed spontaneously, 'Well said! Well said!'

Pathika the naked ascetic who was in the next room heard the applause uttered by the rich lady. 'She is no longer my disciple,' thought Pathika. Fuming with rage, he came out of the room and cursed both the lady and the Buddha, and left the house angrily still shouting his abuses.

The lady was embarrassed and so ashamed that she could not concentrate on what the Buddha was saying. The Enlightened One advised her not to be concerned about those curses and threats, but to be mindful of her own good and bad deeds. At the end of the discourse, she attained the first stage of Sainthood.

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